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Hearst Magazines
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GQ-Gentlemans Quarterly
Condé Nast Publications
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Rolling Stone
Penske Media/Rolling Stone
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The Magnolia Journal
Meredith Corporation
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Inspiration instantly.

See how publishers are performing and what covers are working right now. Art directors, designers, and editors are always clamoring to be up on the next hot trend – imagine being able to see it in real-time.

What inspires you?

Data tells a design story.

See how well your current issue is selling right now since it's powered by Barnes & Noble sales data. Cover Rocket can leverage our AI algorithm API to help you science the hell out of covers.

It's Rocket Science.

Convert readers to brand loyalists.

A Barnes & Noble shopper is your ideal subscriber. Cover Rocket's AI tracks every word and every image on every cover, so you can see what's resonating with audiences practically in real-time.

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How does it work?

Robots, mostly. Seriously, though, Cover Rocket's AI API scours every cover, each word on these covers, and even the personalities featured on the seemingly infinite number of covers. It's a big deal.

Get on the Rocket.

What kinds of search criteria can I use?

Honestly, it's nuts how many different search criteria you can use with the Cover Rocket. Cover Topic, Publisher, Magazine, Bipad, USA or International, Magazine or Bookazine, On-Sale Date, Cover Personality, Coverlines and words, Objects & Scenes, Cover Price Barnes & Noble Daily Sales Updates, Total copies sold in all US retailers, and more!

I'm busy and I need to be productive. How fast is the Cover Rocket?

It's crazy fast. How does two milliseconds to search the entire magazine cover universe sound? Yeah, we thought so.

Is the personality search for real?

Very. You want to look at all the covers Beyonce has graced? Done. How about Tom Hanks? Absolutely. Use the Cover Rocket to inspire you and to find out what's worked and what hasn't worked with your favorite and maybe not-so-favorite cover personalities.

Can I meet Harry Styles?

Maybe. It all depends on who you know or how much you're willing to pay for that honor. At least with the Cover Rocket you can see all the magazine covers he's been on. We bet that if you crank up “Watermelon Sugar” and close your eyes, it might feel like you're meeting him.

Can I use it to keep up with the competition?

You absolutely can. And, in real-time. Now, you don't have to guess how successful that new issue of your competitor's issue is doing on the newsstands. See how thousands of covers are performing instantaneously (well, within two milliseconds). It's a great tool to see how your own covers are performing and discover how new ideas are working for your competitors and other publishers.

Do you really use Artificial Intelligence to search covers?

We do. It's like having thousands of tiny robots working for us every day. We use AWS Rekognition to drive our AI and are working with key clients to create machine learning opportunities and additional features that will roll out in the near future.

How much is this gonna cost me?

The pricing depends on the size of the publisher. Keep in mind that your entire staff will have access and because of the Cover Rocket, you will see a high ROI because your covers are now going to outperform. Let's talk. It'll be worth your time.

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